Fun Germany Facts (Day 8)

Day eight was a little bit of a travel day again. Having made the decision to throw Berlin in the mix, we knew that there would be a couple of big driving days, but we weren’t sure if we would get another opportunity to live that history together with our boys, so we took it on. The evening before, I had stumbled into a gourmet market on the sixth floor of the KaDeVe (a HUGE luxury department store in the center of Berlin) and, in addition to chocolates, I picked up a few quiche, some cheese, fresh baguettes, and fruit. When we woke, we ate quiche and hit the road.

Since we spent this day driving through Germany, I thought that I would take a minute to compile some of the great things that I learned while traveling there for the first time and put them here for you.

Germany Fun Facts, by Pam

1. The German word for “exit” is “ausfahrt.” Really. Ausfahrt. On every freeway exit. For the entire length of the Autobahn. And I’m ten. So I giggled every time!!!



2. Smartphones stay in pockets. If you see someone in a pub in Germany with their face in a Smartphone, they are a foreigner. Texting on the street? Tourist. Listening to music loudly through headphones? Douche–wait, that’s everywhere.

3. The toilets are amazing. I’ve already shown you the self washing toilets in the truck stops. I could stop there, but then I checked into my hotel in Berlin and the toilet was made by Villeroy & Boch. I couldn’t even afford to buy a place setting of V&B China. This is the company that makes exclusive wedding sets, for goodness sake and in Germany, it’s my tooshy throne!

This has nothing to do with toilets, except that Currywurst is EVERYWHERE and it sounds like I would have to make a mad dash for one. . . . Mad.

This has nothing to do with toilets, except that Currywurst is EVERYWHERE and it sounds like I would have to make a mad dash for one. . . . Mad.

4. Every city has a “Home Brew.” If your’e in a city, you drink what they brew there. Sure, you can go to a tourist bar and there will be a bigger selection, but in every local spot, the local brew is ice cold and the only thing on tap.


5. Stop lights turn from green to yellow to red then from red to yellow to green. Genius.

6. Nobody crosses against the light. Nobody. The lights are fast, so you are rarely waiting, but the dirty looks and chastising start the second that you set foot in the street against the light.

7. In the center of Berlin, a man rode by on a bicycle. He was wearing latex pants, ski boots with silver buckles, a shaggy fur vest, a wig and a full face of make up. It was 95 degrees and humid. Nobody blinked. Truly, be whomever the hell you are. Nobody cares.

8. Can we revisit ausfahrt? I’m still laughing.

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